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Jan, 30, son of a priest, is running a Vietnamese grocery store as a stand-in, but he is having problems to assert himself against the regular customers. By Ella, 65 and stage actress, he comes in contact with acting. This is having a lasting influence on him, even if he is forced to wear a cockroach costume, that he doesn't manage to take off.


(director's statement)

LONGs SHOP is the portrait of a young man having difficulties of growing-up. He cannot really decide in favour of one thing, that he wants to do in his life. A lot of things look interesting to him, but nothing is so good, that it should be prefered over other things.

Thus he represents the generation of the current 30ishs, that seem to take a lot of time for their coming of age. At that even though the conditions seem to be ideal: the parental generation gives us plenty of rope to lead our life the way we want to. "You can do whatever you like. As long as you get lucky." But it is this little afterthought, that turns out to be the heavy burdon. The one thing, that we choose over all others, must me pretty extraordinary. The fact, that, at least in theory, everythings is possible makes the decision so hard. Absolute freedom is for Jan no longer the highest happiness. And as time goes by, even the most tolerant parents will get impatient.

Jans Stand-in for Mr. Long is a last deadline to make up his mind. You can watch him doing this: finally (?) there is pressure; pressure, that his parents never wanted to make him, and that makes them look a little bit like their own parents. It helps Jan, that the shop brings him in contact with a different kind of people, that challange him and make him leave his "comfort-zone".

I wanted to tell this story with a certain lightness and I wanted to work with some ludic elements, what is always a good idea, when you are stuck. Playing helps to find new possibilities, that didn't seem to exist before. Suddenly the unsolvable conflict is no such any more. A part from that family conflicts of that kind always bear a certain comic potential.

LONGs SHOP is the diploma-film of Andreas Scheffer (Screenplay+Director), Gernot Bayer (Cinematography) and Gregor Bückner (Producer) at the HFF Potsdam.

LONGs SHOP, 82 minutes, DCP, colour, 5.1.



Gabor Biedermann
Maryam Zaree
Hendrik Arnst
Gabriele Gysi
jan's father
Justus Carriere
jan's mother
Claudia Jacob


Andreas Scheffer
Andreas Scheffer, Julia Hertäg
Gernot Bayer
Gregor Bückner
production design
Pegah Ghalambor
costume design
Rudi Scharff
Johannes Wegener, Lars Ostmann
Torben Seemann
Rico Loop, Paul Milmeyster
Hannah Schwegel

A production of the University of Film and Television (HFF) "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg

Andreas Scheffer has studied film directing at the University of Film and Television "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam and in Toulouse (ESAV). Editing-Trainee at France3 Sud, Freelance Camera-Assistant, et al. eight times the whole Tour de France. Many short films that have been shown at film festivals all over the world. (-> Andreas' website)
Gernot Bayer is photographer and cinematographer. Studies in Cinematography at the University of Film and Television "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam. Besides his studies he participated in the realization of cinematic and photographic projects worldwide. In addition to that increasing occupation with visual-effects-workflows and the filmic potentials of the internet.
Gregor Christian Bückner grew up in Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Moscow and the USA.  Studies in Film- and Television Production at the University of Film and Television "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam. His claim is it to bring quality and commercial success in harmony. Developement of a feature film with miko film and Studio Hamburg.
production design
Pegah Ghalambor, born 1982 in Teheran, studies in architechture at the FH Aachen. After that she founded the design label ID Modus together with Jan Hormann, that publishes furniture- and production design projects. Since 2010 she works as a freelance production designer and architect.
role: jan
Gábor Biedermann, born 1979 in Clermont-Ferrand, he grew up in Porto. In 2000 he moved to Budapest, in order to collaborate with puppeteer Henrik Kemény. He began an apprenticeship as a puppeteer, too, that he continued in Berlin. After that, acting studies at the HfS "Ernst Busch". Member of the ensemble at the German Theater Berlin (2005-2009). As a guest at the Thalia Theater in Hamburg and the Schauspielhaus in Zurich. Participation in different film- and television productions. (-> agency website)

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